About Us



OUR CONCEPT: We are a London-based contemporary label launched in 2018 that’s trying something new: sharing 90% of our distributed profits between charitable causes and those who make our collection happen. There’s more. We’d like you to decide where our money goes and help us start a consumer movement that empowers makers and wearers.


OUR AESTHETIC: The collection is feminine and low maintenance. Relaxed silhouettes are its core alongside close-fit jersey staples and sumptuous knits. Design focus is on fit, fabric and finesse to make detail driven pieces that work effortlessly together to elevate the everyday.


OUR ETHICS: We are striving to improve our social and environmental legacy with a new business model that reinvests our profits across a range of organisations that safeguard people and the planet. Shopping NINETY PERCENT and voting to support one of the affiliated charitable causes makes you part of a forward-thinking movement that, we hope, transcends trends.


OUR PRACTICES: We treat our people and planet with respect and always pursue positive practices. Garments are made in excellent manufacturing facilities that have workers welfare being key to their business values both in Bangladesh and Turkey.


OUR FABRICS: Materials are chosen very carefully and sourced only from reputable suppliers. Most of our jersey pieces are made from organic cotton while Tencel, (made from renewable wood pulp in a closed loop system), is one of the most heavily featured materials in our collection. Sometimes the fabrics required for our more technically demanding designs aren’t quite as sustainable as we’d like. When this happens, research begins on how to develop and improve for future collections. Sustainability is an endeavour that’s high on our agenda; we'll share our progress and encourage your feedback as we start this journey.


OUR CALL: #DressBetter to unite our community and start something meaningful. We are conscious about style and totally committed to making fashion for good. Join us?


Your order arrives, you try it on,
you love it. Bingo!
You find your unique code
printed on the care label.
Visit ninetypercent.com/vote
enter your unique code and vote
to support your chosen cause
From 90% of distributable profits:
80% will be shared with causes
5% with those who make the clothes
5% with those who run the brand