Meet The Team

Meet The Team - M. A Ridoy

February 01, 2018

From the makers in Bangladesh and Turkey to the designers in London, we’re celebrating the people who make your clothes. We’re delighted to introduce you to Mr. M. A Ridoy.

Time with company: 10 years

Age: 28

Site: Echotex, Bangladesh

Occupation: Pattern Cutter

Three words used to describe you: My parents say honest, gentle and active

Greatest achievement: In fourth year at school I scored 95/ 100 in a social science exam. Before that I hadn’t been attentive in class.

Best memory: Our village started to flood and it was weirdly exciting; then my friend fell into the water. We managed to pull him out before he was swept down to the river. That was a good day.

Favourite place: The National Martyrs Memorial at Savar. It was built to honour those who fought for in the Bangladesh Liberation war of 1971. It’s a breathtaking symbol of freedom.

Best advice you’ve ever had? My Aunty told me to go to Dhaka to stay out of trouble and learn a trade to support my family. So I did.

The one thing you can’t live without? My mobile phone. Without it I couldn’t talk to my parents.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I’d love to be a successful fashion designer. I want to establish my own fashion house.

When are you happiest? During Eid festivals with all my family and friends, or fishing. I love fishing.